The XUI website has moved!

XUI is a Java and XML framework for building rich-client applications. XUI incorporates many features designed to make the task of building applications quick and easy.

XUI has been downloaded by a large number of software developers across the world and if you aren't already a XUI user we invite you to download and try it out. Comprehensive documentation is available in the XUI zone.

With the introduction of XUI 2.0 we have consolidated the project documentation on the Xoetrope website. The site features improved documentation and support for XUI. We hope this move will make for more up-to-date and pertinent documentation. The downloads, forums and bug reporting will still handled on the sourceforge site and the new XUI Zone provides links directly back to sourceforge for this purpose.

We are also offering commercial training and support for XUI which can also be be found on the new site.

On the new XUI zone site you will find...

• articles
• manual
• tutorials  
• reference documentation
• case studies
• knowledge base
• goodies and downloads
• screenshots
• demos, hints and tips

And on the sourceforge site you can still find...

• forums
• downloads
• bug reporting
• mailing list

Want to get involved? We're always looking for enthusiastic individuals, have a look at our current help wanted document and see if there's anything you could do.

We wish to be completely open about what you will find on the Xoetrope website so please be aware that Xoetrope promotes commercial products apart from XUI, however this does not alter the terms or license under which you can use XUI. XUI is and will continues to be an open-source library. We hope you will find the new site useful, but as ever we welcome comment and feedback. Logo